Malevolence Reborn

Game 02

Church Picnic

The party’s Druid guide was MIA… probably communing with nature… so the group was hanging about the city. Our faithful halfling Cleric decided to run a church picnic to boost morale and inspire the masses. While planning, some of the other decided to do their own thing. While walking through Bloodcove, Taelyn discovered he was being followed. Laying a trap, he was instead confronted with others of his order carrying a message. He was ordered to kill the up start Evil arising in the M’wangi… or never return home.

Vladus went to an explorer’s club to get some information. He struck up a conversation with Lord Bunther and gained some valuable information about the M’wangi. He also learned that the various lords of the club “competed” against one another to see who could map more of the swamp than each any other. The current leader atop the board is Lord General Timus, formerly of the Chelaxian Empire.

At the picnic that night, the festivities are in full swing. Everyone is having a fine time. Ausk had a nice little operation going beating up on the locals. He even made a friend in one Camdon… a local sailor. A touchy situation arose when some enterprising “ladies” showed up. Chuck managed to coral them and handled the situation well.

During the late evening, the picnic was suddenly attacked by a large contingent of goblins headed by a wolf rider. During the battle, the Erewhon showed up flying over the fracas and rained fiery death from above. The party managed the attack easily and the picnic went on… with fewer children and more adults… and beer.



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