Malevolence Reborn

The FIRST Night!

In which we create our campaign

We discussed the type and scale of campaign we want. We would like to fold some aspects of Burning Wheel and FATE and Savage Worlds into our game making it more free flowing and giving the Players a more control over the setting/NPCs/encounters.

starting level will be fifth

jeff… noble savage guide; druid/barbarian
chuck….zealot cleric
doug…..pirate on a ship; fighter

Location: Mwangi Expanse, Inner Sea region of Golarion

General Plot: looking for the avatar of an evil god… prophecy says it is/will be (?) born in the Jungle of the Expanse.


I edited the text in “Setting:” and my character description…

The FIRST Night!

I change “Setting” to “Location.” It is what I meant in the first place. I just wanted to notate where the bulk of the game will be set…. at least in the beginning.

The FIRST Night!

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